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Please take the time and read my post on Global Voices Advocacy on how far would go to defend the rights of your political enemies. Selected excepts:


What has this background to do with censorship though? When Rachad’s website was censored several blogs and websites carried the story including mine, with a petition to oppose all forms of censorship. Replies were extremely distrutful and vehement. Hchicha, a famous Algerian blogger who blogs in French, had a Youtube video that denounced censorship in all forms. He was attacked mercilessly and had multiple video replies. He says he was swamped with angry emails. I received emails to the tune that I am an islamist in disguise for starting the petition and had to alter the text to make it generic.  “How dare you defend the rights of Islamists?” was their argument. These emails and Video replies were coming from people who, themselves, oppose the current regime to the core.


This brings me to the question: beyond the slogans and the principles, how far would you go in defending your political rival some fundamental human right, even if you know that the rival presents a substantial threat to your way of life? Upping the stakes once more,  what if even the values that you’re defending for them may be substantially jeopardised in case they win power?


I’m borrowing from the idea of link collections that many blogs post occasionally. I will mostly post links related to Algerian affairs and Algerians. I won’t be punctual in posting them every set period, and I will rely on my feed reader and whatever I get from emails, so please feel free to drop me one on houwarid [at] if you come about anything of value!

I’ll debut these posts by celebrating the blossoming of many new Algerian blogs in English (this one being one of them):

  • DZflickrs: fickr group posting images on Algeria. The first is pretty good.
  • Narimane: an upcoming star! her first post is well worth the read – she embodies the typical experience of a new Algerian family in the midst of the civil war and economic crises by recalling her parents’ family.
  • Patriotsonfire looks into Algerian demands for a French apology. He has a comprehensive timeline of the highlights of the two countries’ relations over the last decade. Zineddine Zidane and the football teams are happy to show a different perspective with a match in Algiers two days ago. The picture below speaks volumes.
  • BentAljazair (daughter of Algeria) has more on the brain drain issue in reply to an earlier post in this blog – make sure to read the discussions in both blogs. The brain drain issue still interests Algerians and I suspect it always will for some time to come.
  • No list on Algerian blogs is complete without Kal of The Moor Next Door. He has a post on the new cult of personality in Algeria. Algerians have always loathed personality cults with historical precedents since the FLN’s structure in the war of independence, the way they will respond to this will be interesting.

A research project in the UK looks into Algeria and the dynamics of post 1962 Algeria-France relations. Two new blogs were setup:

Credit: Elkhabar

Credit: Elkhabar

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