• Constantinian: Death penalty is irrelevant! Get rid of it!
  • Father of Abdellah: What the? Islam says death penalty. You are anti Koran!
  • Diamond:  It is time we stop Sharia! Sharia is old-fashioned you filthy traditionalists, go back to the seventh century!
  • Princinian:  You! return to God now! you are being blasphemous! This country is Muslim, Islam is this!
  • Father of Abdellah: Our country’s constitution says Islam, Islam is this, thus Islam!
  • Princinian:  Go back to sending people to Afghanistan! Go back to fighting witchcraft!
  • Diamond:  What is she on about? The filthy Trotskyist! May be she needs some exorcism!
  • Government: hmm, we’re finding it hard to care either way. We don’t think we’re anti Koran if we abolish, and we have stopped it anyway. Win/Win. Status quo.
  • Chaab:  hey wait, what of injustice, jobs, corruption, etc?
  • Government: Oh, something else to discuss, biometric passports, we’re gonna make women reveal their hair and men remove their beards, hehe, fight!
  • Chaab:  ??? jobs? houses? hello? We’re gonna burn the place down!

Elfahem Yefham. What a broken dialogue.